Make An Extra $500-$2K Per Month Making and Selling Simple Wooden Tiki Bars, Funiture & Other High-Value Items By Following A Simple, Proven Path.
Are you a DIY type of person who knows your way around a few basic woodworking tools? Are you looking for a side hustle or project that can bring in some extra cash each month? 
Well If you are then I have something to share with you, because that is what I was just a couple short years ago… I was chasing all kinds of online business ideas with minimal progress (not that they were bad ideas (Ok some of them were) but I was just pulled in so many different directions and the bills were not going to pay themselves…

Sometimes the skill we need to make money are a lot closer than we think… starting a side hustle or trying to make some extra money with an “online business” can be overwhelming and just flat out confusing… the ‘hustle porn” is everywhere and there is always a new strategy or shiny object to chase… 

but what if you didn’t have to get into the online weeds to make an extra 1k-2k per month? What if you could use some basic woodworking skills and a few hours a week to make something you could turn around and sell for a few hundred dollars profit? Well this might sound too simple to be true but the idea I stumbled across did exactly this.

At the time I was a broke teacher and part-time landscaper who did not want to do either of these things… I had seen a cool bar at my friends’ wedding a couple of years back and had always thought it would be cool to try to make this type of thing and rent it out and maybe even sell it… so I decided to give this a try… turns out it worked… and it worked pretty well…a couple of years down the road I was doing 3-5k per week at the height of the busy season, not bad.

I started sharing what I was doing with some of my friends, and couple of them put their own spin on it and started doing something similar with rustic furniture and harvest tables... and guess what it worked for them too!

You will meet these guys, below and hear how they followed this simple path to start bringing in extra cash (it was pretty wild because at one point both of them had to turn away orders because they couldn't keep up).

When I saw my two friends do this, I realized the process could be repeated, sure it takes some basic woodworking skills and some hustle, but the beauty of it is you don't need any fancy software or complicated system, this is just a simple down to earth side hustle that you can start today and scale up as much or as little as you want.

After seeing this same process work for others I figured why not share it with other hustlers and help put some points on the board. So I boiled down the process into a simple program and community called craftsman4cash.

Do you need this to succeed? 
No, Of course not, but we can save you the headaches that we went through to figure out the best practices of the building, listing, marketing and selling... the ins and the outs the ups and the downs... 
I even give you some designs that you can steal right off the bat to get your first sale, and collect a few hundred dollars, maybe even in a couple days. 
Sound Good?

Here's how it works,
If you put in the work, you can easily put this side hustle to work for an extra $500 - $2,000 per month, and even more in the busy seasons or if you can scale up. Craftsman4cash is here to help you do that, we give you the path and the support to make your first product, get it listed and get it sold! And then we are there to help you rinse and repeat!

Most of these items sell for at least a few hundred dollars so I wanted to price this course so you can pay for it with your very first sale and probly still make a few bucks on top that, and after that your home free! If you can do it once you can do it a million times... or at least a few dozen;)

But don't worry, we don't leave you hanging! Craftsmen4cash has a 24/7 full support coaching community so you can have all your questions answered and get bast all the obstacles, our goal is to help you reach your goals be that and extra $500 or $5000 per month... 
and if your thinking it sounds to good to be true well I did too, but at the height of my busy season one week I pulled in $8500 in gross sales and close to 5k in one week! 
Now I was really hustling, and I was doing some big ticket bars and cabanas, and yes it took me some time to get there... but hey you with a proven path you can get there too! 

So Click The Link Below and Grab Your Ticket to Craftsman4Cash, and let's help you make your side hustle a reality.

How This Works...

To Make This Even Easier, You Don't Even Need To Book A Call! You Can Get Started Right Now With One Click Right Below And Get Access to The Course And Community Right Now, So You Can Start Making Money This Week.

What You Get:

The Video Course And Side Hustle FrameWork

A Video Walkthrough of Building And Selling One Of My Most Popular Designs That You Can "Steal" Today.

The "How To Win With Facebook Marketplace Listings" **Bonus Training**

A Bonus "Ask Me Anything" 30 Minute One on One Coaching Session With
Me, Ben, The Founder of Craftsman4cash

A Complimentary 1 Month Membership to the Craftsman4cash Community ($37 per month value)

 Success Stories? You Bet.

Meet "Patchy", Founder of Beresford Woodworking...

"In That weekend I had over 2500 views on the table and over 40 messages..."

"In the next six weeks I made 25 of those tables..."

Meet Joel, Harvest Table Hustler...
"It really didn't take long... I threw it up on Facebook Marketplace and started getting some messages"

"As soon as I posted it, I had 3-4 orders right away..."

But isn't the market saturated??
I thought so at first but then I realized theres always room for good work... All you need to do is do a good job, use your unique talents and gifts, make something happen then wait for the magic message...

"Hi, Is This Available?"

In another post, I will write about the potential pitfall of the ever-present ever-alluring “hustle porn” which can make you think you are running an online business when in reality you are in a loop of consumption and have not made much money to speak of and certainly do not have a legitimate business. Well, that was me for a few years.

 To be fair I was learning a lot but I was not really making any real money. I explored affiliate marketing and built Shopify dropshipping stores and scalped tickets online, offered freelance services, and flipped things on eBay and Facebook marketplace from yard sales and thrift stores. I taught myself some marketing and tried to get clients and all kinds of stuff… and some of it worked… ok… I made some money and the flipping was pretty legit for a bit (You can read all about my flipping adventures here) and got me through college. I sold a few items from my online pet store via Facebook ads which felt pretty cool. But, I wasn’t really making any substantial money.

Then Something happened. 
When my best friend got married a couple of years previously he had made a backyard bar out of wooden shipping pallets which were sort of rustic and cool looking for the farm reception. I really liked the idea and have some experience in framing and carpentry so I decided to see if I could build one and maybe rent it out for weddings.

I picked up some free pallets from Home Depot and built this bar, which I did rent out once via the Facebook marketplace for 120 bucks and then later sold it for 250 bucks, not bad. This beautiful prototype is pictured below with yours truly and is now worth millions (haha).
I had to move away for school at that point so I left the idea for the time being and returned to my “online businesses”. The next summer break I built a few more of these bars and raised my prices a little, they sold! I had one lady ask me to build a roof over it so I did that and charged a bit more…. this was some decent money… my ad caught the guy of another gentleman who wanted something similar but a bit more high end, we discussed and I agreed to build it to his specs to the best of my ability, and I have to say I was pretty proud of the result pictured below. This was the first bar that really made me stop and think “I could make a living at this”.
At this point, I had to return again to school for my final year so I once more returned to my other projects and hustles…. When the next spring arrived and I still had not materialized this online passive income I was chasing down, I figured it was time to double down on the bars. I was done school now and I desperately did not want to teach let alone get a “normal job”. I had a taste for the freedom of entrepreneurship and I didn’t want to let it go. So I started building bars, I started posting bars, and wouldn’t you know it I started selling bars!

 My timing could not have been better because this was the second spring during Covid and people were literally going all out on home improvement. My tiki bars and cabanas became a pretty hot item and I was doing some serious numbers for the first few months of the Summer season. I kept iterating on my designs and doing more custom requests and then reposting the finished product as another available option.

Over these Spring and Summer months, I made more money in a short period than I had ever done before, this was not just “side hustle money”, this was legit, full-time job money, and pretty good full-time job money at that. 

I am terribly unorganized but I did try to keep track of the busy months to track my progress, profits, and expenses. The screenshot below is from my “accounting spreadsheet” where I tracked the orders, you can see from the two weeks in May that this was turning into something pretty substantial. 

I love side hustles, i love making a buck, closing a deal, discovering an opportunity. But my interests don’t stop there, i love seeing other people do this a well and sharing the wins, and helping them succeed. 
There is a ton of demand out there and more work than you can shake a stick at so if you want to take a break from the online hustle noise and work on something tangible that turns real profits why not give this a try!? Are you at all handy? Got a few tools? You can do it too. And Thats What Craftsman4Cash is all about.

If your stuck and need to make a buck this is legit and I think it can work for you too, so here is what I did, I made you a course. Yes, I’m one of those course jerks now haha, but no you don’t have to buy it and it's not thousands of dollars in fact it’s less than the cost of a of a coffee table and it make you that money back even within the first week. Do you need a course to implement what I did? Heck no, but it does give you a helpful walkthrough of what I did to succeed, and if you made even one sale you would more than recoup the cost of this little tool. 

So take it or leave it but at least do something! If you are frustrated with the online business space why not get physical? Start making and selling simple wood projects and selling them for high margins starting right now.
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